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A career in real estate – is what you make of it. That is the mark of an industry primarily based on an independent contractor system. Most of us in real estate work as independent contractors. This is what allows us to set our own hours and work as much (or as little) as we want.  While we don’t get regular paychecks and employer benefits, we control the way we work, determine our own career paths and are responsible for our own financial future.

It’s a great career for those who are genuinely interested in helping people and their communities.

Real estate prelicenseNotice we didn’t say anything about it being a great career for people who like looking at houses? Real estate is nothing like you see on television! While the concept of real estate is defined by the notion of land and everything attached to it, the business of real estate is all about people: people and their housing needs or their investment goals.

It is a people business and people look to us for sound, intelligent advice and competent, knowledgeable assistance.

road to sky thumbnailThat’s why the requirement for licensure is based around education – forming the foundations of a new real estate career and ensuring that new licensees have the requisite basic knowledge on which to build and grow.

What you do afterwards… well, as they say… the sky’s the limit!



Georgia law requires that anyone engaging in real estate brokerage activities* for a fee must be properly licensed. The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) is authorized to issue licenses to qualified applicants.

To become a qualified candidate, you must:

✓ be at least 18 years old
✓ have a high school diploma or equivalency
✓ take & pass the Prelicense Course
✓ take & pass the state licensing exam

Additional requirements include a having a criminal background check and a notarized affidavit of residency along with a sponsoring broker (if you plan to start working immediately.)

classroom sessions of the prelicense course are offered

locally in the golden isles twice a year

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for those wanting to work at their pace

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we offer an on-line option!


The Salesperson Prelicense Course is required of anyone wishing to obtain a real estate license in the state of Georgia. This is commonly referred to as the '75-Hour Prelicense Course' though in reality, whether the course is taught on-line or in the classroom, the student will probably spend more than 75 hours covering the required material for the course.

The course is essentially a preparatory course for the licensing exam and covers the fundamental concepts of real estate all real estate licensees are required to know such as types of ownership, rights in land, government rights in land, finance & taxes, agency relationships, contracts, license laws and regulations.

Please note that this course does not cover the actual business of real estate - that is to say, it doesn't show you how to go about starting a real estate career: that is up to you, your future broker and additional education and training opportunities after you obtain your license.

Classroom - versus - Online

The classroom course can be considered a fairly large commitment. It requires you to alter your schedule and spend two nights a week in the classroom for 11-12 weeks. The on-line course, on the other hand, allows you to work at your own pace from your computer or tablet.

To be honest, the rest of the debate between the two different types of prelicense courses really depends on the student.

Some students do well with independent study, working well alone and are able to process the information as presented in text/slide format. Others need a more dynamic learning process where a live instructor, not only presents the information, but explains it further with anecdotes and references to help the student better grasp a given topic. From past student feedback, students with a great deal of distractions at home or diagnosed with ADD/ADHD tend to perform better in the classroom setting as the on-line course does require a a significant amount of self-discipline/motivation and focus along with access to quiet, undisturbed study space & time.

Ultimately, it really depends upon you and the way you learn best.

Once you successfully complete all the requirements of the prelicense course and pass the final exam, the school will upload your application to the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Once in their database, you will then be able to schedule your state licensing exam through the state licensing agency called Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP). Their testing centers are located in Atlanta, Macon and Savannah.

Upon passing your state exam, you may be able to obtain your license at the same time if you have all required documents and forms!



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