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too busy to get started on your new real estate career?

Sometimes your life can be too busy to commit to twelve weeks in the classroom two nights a week. Maybe you can’t squeeze in time for continuing education offered at the local REALTOR® Association office. Typically, you might be a good candidate for the on-line courses we offer. But what if the on-line courses aren’t an option for you either? On-line courses are not appropriate for everyone. We all have different ways we learn and on-line formats can be challenging for a lot of people. Some people simply do better with live instruction.

there’s an option for you

Perhaps one-on-one education will work for you. This is a unique arrangement where the course schedule is designed around your schedule and can be altered as necessary during the progression of the course. Of course, one-on-one sessions are more costly than a classroom session where the instructor would be teaching several students at once but if this is the best option for you getting your real estate license, it may be well worth the investment.

how does this work?

If you are interested, simply fill out the form below and our instructor will contact you. You can discuss the details of one-on-one education and if it’s something that you think will work for you, then we can get you enrolled and start working out your schedule.

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Real Estate Performance Center, LLC is licensed in the state of Georgia and approved to offer prelicense, post-license, brokers and continuing education courses.

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