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25-hour post-license

Under Georgia License Law, all new licensees must take and complete a course referred to as a 25-hour Post-License Course within their first year of licensure.  Failure to take this course will result in the lapse of the license and the licensee will not be able to work.

Please remember that the clock starts ticking the DAY you were issued a license not the day you went officially ACTIVE.

These courses can cover a wide variety of topics – all designed to assist new agents expand their knowledge of the real estate industry beyond what they learned in Prelicense – but they all fall under a very specific educational category known as ’25-Hour Post-License.’

At this time, Real Estate Performance Center does not offer a 25-Hour Post-License Course in the classroom but that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on developing a meaningful, interesting & effective one in the future.

In the meantime, we do offer two ON-LINE Post-License options.

As with our On-Line Prelicense Course, the online Post-License course is self-contained and self-paced. Student have 6 months from the registration date to complete it.  While the course is based on-line, it does require a proctored final exam administered by the school. Please note that we are based in the Golden Isles. This means all proctored exams are LOCALLY administered in Brunswick or St. Simons Island. We are under no obligation to make arrangements outside of our market for the administration of Final Exams.


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Real Estate Performance Center, LLC is licensed in the state of Georgia and approved to offer prelicense, post-license, brokers and continuing education courses.

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