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School Policy


The Real Estate Performance Center is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission for the purpose of offering Prelicense, Post-license, Broker’s Prelicense and Continuing Education courses. The school code is 7600 and its license expires December 31, 2018


There shall be no recruiting for employment purposes by real estate brokerages during class or anywhere on school premises. Report any incidents of recruiting to the School Director/Administrator at (912) 223-2133 or to the Georgia Real Estate Commission at (404) 656-3916 (Commission Rule 520-2.15)


Real Estate Performance Center’s instructional hour equals fifty-five (55) minutes. Each session equals four (4) instructional hours along with 20 minute break for a total of 4 actual hours. Each evening class equals one session and each Saturday class equals two sessions.

Student is required to sign in prior to the start of each session and again after the break for a total of 2 sign-in sheets for each session. Any student who arrives late will not be allowed to sign-in for that portion of the session. Any student who leaves early will not be given credit for that portion of the session.


Any student who fails to sign in for a session or part of a session will be considered absent for that session or portion of.

Student can miss three (3) sessions without being in jeopardy of disqualification.

Student is encouraged to notify the instructor if he/she is running late or will be absent from class.

If student falls below 75 hours, that student will have to make-up the hours missed in accordance with School’s make-up policy.

Make-Up Policy

All students be in class for at least 76 hours of the course. As such, repeatedly being late or missing class altogether will put student in jeopardy of missing valuable information, but also disqualification from the Commission’s requirements for successful completion of the course.

Make-up sessions will be scheduled and posted as required during the course. Alternately, school may make arrangements with another school (located in Savannah, Hinesville or St. Marys) at a fee to be determined to take additional classes to make up the missing hours.


Student is required to complete all take-home assignments, quizzes, Contracts and CMA packages.

The final exam will be administered at the end of class. Student is required to score 75% or higher on the final exam to pass the course. Any student who fails the exam will be given an opportunity to retake the exam at the next scheduled time.

The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires that any student who fails the final exam twice must retake the entire course to continue further.

Student’s final grade for the course shall be based solely on the Final Exam although successfully passing the course is still contingent upon successful completion of other required class exercises as described in Assignments.


Assignments will be posted on the course website prior to each session. It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve this information and complete all assignments, such as reading chapter in book, completing terms & definitions, downloading supplemental material, etc. prior to the next session.

For successful completion of the course, student will be required to complete five (5) contracts based on narratives provided:

  • 1 Listing Agreement
  • 1 Buyer Brokerage Agreement
  • 2 Purchase & Sale Agreements
  • 1 Lease Agreement

Student must also show proficiency in completing a Comparative Market Analysis based on information provided in class.

Contracts and CMA completion shall be graded on a pass/fail basis with signed completion statements entered as part of Student’s permanent record.


Cell phones and pagers must be turned OFF during class.

Tablets and laptops will be allowed in the class for the purpose of note taking but volume should also be turned off as well.

The School reserves the right to request any electronic device that cause disruption in the class or present distraction to students be shut down immediately.

Refunds/Withdrawal from Course/Transfer

Student may withdraw from class within one day after the first session and receive a full refund of his/her tuition. After that date, there will be no refunds given.

A student currently enrolled in one session wishing to transfer to the next scheduled class may do so with notice to the instructor and an administrative fee of $150.

Returned Checks

All returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 service charge. Any payment following a returned check must be made in the form of cash or cashier’s check.


School shall never discriminate based on race, national origin, color, sex, familial or handicap status, or sexual orientation in the establishment of any entrance qualifications or in measurement of any standards of performance.


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Real Estate Performance Center, LLC is licensed in the state of Georgia and approved to offer prelicense, post-license, brokers and continuing education courses.

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