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Early Bird Extended for the Fall 2019 Prelicense Course!

Ok... so it started with a little procrastination. Our original deadline for the early bird tuition was June 28... but I didn't take it down from our site... and then, we decided to let it ride another two weeks.

So, now, you can still join us in August for our Fall 2019 Georgia Prelicense course and save a little money in the process! The new early bird deadline is July 12, 2019 - so don't be like us... don't procrastinate and put it off... take advantage of our... delay... and register now!

GREC/AMP Releases New Exam Criteria

GREC is lowering the passing score for the state real estate license exam. It has also released a new category breakdown for the exam as created and administered by Applied Measurements Professionals (AMP) effective June 1, 2019.

Previously, the categories for the National portion of the exam were broken down as follows: (these categories could be viewed in the AMP Candidate Handbook)

The new version has expanded certain categories, breaking them down into more specific topics. The greatest change that I see is that they have reduced the number of questions on property management. They also reduced questions on finance (not math but rather questions pertaining to the lending process, mortgage industry, federal requirements, etc. which typically present the greatest challenge to licensing candidates). Alternately, the have separated Agency and Contracts and increased the over all questions for those.

The new categories for the National portion look like this:

Another major change is that GREC is reducing the passing grade on their licensing exam from 75% to 72% which means of the 152 questions, a candidate must answer 109 of them correctly. They are also allowing schools to lower the passing score of their prelicense courses to match the state passing score.

Brokers and CAM exams are not being affected by these changes at this time.

To view the AMP Candidate Handbook for a better look at what you can expect from the state real estate exam, visit

Prepping for a New Session…

I've just gotten everything together for the start of another session of the Georgia Real Estate Prelicense Course and thought I'd share some thoughts as I prepare to meet my next batch of candidates for Georgia licensure. Each term, I get to meet a new batch of students typically ranging in age from as young as seventeen (yes!) to well past sixty! Just starting out in life, making mid-life career shifts to starting something fresh in retirement, I get to meet and work with a wide range of people with even wider ranges of backgrounds and experiences. So, tonight is Orientation and I have a lot to cover with our students as we embark on this twelve week journey to prepare them for their state license exam and a future as small business owners/independent contractor in the field of real estate! Our course has a lot of different components to it which is why the Orientation is so important. Not only are there school policies and procedures to review, there are other elements to the course that I have set in place to provide our students with as many tools as I can to help them get the most of the learning experience from a designated class website where all the course material is posted, online quiz taking, and even Quizlet integration for working on terms & definitions. Once class begins, it goes fast and there's a lot of material to cover. We instructors like to use the expression 'drinking out of a firehose' because sometimes, that's how it feels. We have twelve weeks to cover a lot of material so it's a pretty wild ride! But at the end, it's a satisfying one because our students are armed with the best tool they can have in beginning their new career: a sound knowledge base! If you have any questions about the prelicense process, upcoming courses, in-class or online options, please contact us!    

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