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Chapter 2: RIGHTS – Pt. 1

rightsThursday night, we begin a hefty chapter on rights. 
Who knew ownership rights could be so complicated? 
This is a TOUGH chapter folks – with a lot of confusing and very important concepts. It’s so unwieldy, I split the class into two parts to make sure we have plenty of time to cover everything as thoroughly as possible.



  1. Read Chapter 2 of the Real Estate Dynamics Book. If you did not receive a copy of the textbook yet, you can download CHAPTER 2 here
  2. Take the chapter quiz at the end of Chapter 2
  3. Download and complete the Chapter 2 T&D
  4. Download the RED Outline-Chapter 2
  5. Download the following supplemental material:
    1. Lease License or Easement
    2. Freehold Supplemental
    3. Estates in Land Flowchart
  6. Be prepared to take the in-class Chapter 1:Property Quiz at the start of class Thursday night!

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