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Chapter 3: OWNERSHIP

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First of all, remember we don’t have class Thursday night – March 5. You can show up…but the door will be locked and the lights will be off!

So – Monday night, we return back to the classroom with Ownership. Here we look at the different ways we can own real property. Once again, at first glance, it seems simple enough and once again – it’s not.

Ownership and the basis for how people or entities can or should own real property depend upon many factors, the least of which is death. Yes, more death-talk. It seems pretty morbid, doesn’t it?  Who knew ownership in land was based on a foundation of death and what happens to ownership upon the death of an owner?

So – in preparation for Monday night’s class, you might want to consider how YOU own your own home. If you are married – do you know how you and your spouse own your own house? If you’re not sure, look at your deed. If you’re not sure where it is, I can show you where you can find it on-line – but that might be more of an on-line field trip for Chapter 4…

For Monday’s class, you should:

  1. Read Chapter 3 in Real Estate Dynamics
  2. Take the quiz at the end of the chapter
  3. Download and complete Chapter 3 Terms & Definitions
  4. Download RED Outline-Chapter 3
  5. Check out this article from the NY Times “When the Owner of a Co-Op Dies”
  6. Be prepared to take the Chapter 2 Quiz at the start of class! This one is a tough one so study well!

See you next week!!!

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